Every contribution you make helps RVCP’s unique early childhood and parent education programs continue to operate, supporting current families and reaching new ones.

Note when donating with Paypal, RVCP doesn't get charged for processing fees and your donation goes further!

Fundraising Events

RVCP hosts several fundraising events each year.

  • Fall festival and bake sale in the fall

  • Giving letter in the winter

  • Movie matinee in the spring

  • Silent auction near the end of spring

Help us by spreading the word during those events!

Other ways to help

  • Set up Amazon Smile to benefit RVCP when you shop on You can also enable Amazon Smile on your smartphone. For computer browsers, we recommend installing browser extensions that automatically switch to the smile website: Chrome extension, Firefox extension

  • Follow us on social media and help spread the word about RVCP and signal boost our fundraising events. Facebook, Instagram

  • See if your employer will match your donation to RVCP. You can use this free tool to look up if your employer offers a matching program.

    • Note, some companies even match volunteer time! Your parent job and meetings you attend for RVCP could be eligible for a match as well!