Black Lives Matter

Rainier Valley Cooperative Preschool Board of Directors stands with the Black community in solidarity against racism. We recognize that schools are part of an institutionally racist system, and we are committed to learning and unlearning how to effectively undo and oppose that system. The Board values our families' voices and we want to encourage an ongoing, open dialog about how we can do better to include Black families at RVCP and integrate anti-racist practices and teaching into our organization. We recognize that anti-racist work is hard work - it is ongoing, constantly evolving, and it can't be done perfectly.

RVCP Anti-Racist and Anti-Bias Commitment

We are committed to anti-racism and anti-bias training; as part of this effort, the Board will (1) begin their new term with an anti-bias training; (2) begin each Board Meeting by reviewing the Social Justice priorities; and (3) engaging our Social Justice Assessment Tool prior to voting on any policy. As part of this sustainable work, we have made a commitment of ongoing resources specifically identified for anti-racism work, and we are working to create a lasting framework to guide our ongoing decisions and actions. We are currently working to set priorities/action items to build capacity to create ongoing learning and sustainability around anti-racist work at RVCP. Participating in a co-op often requires a certain amount of privilege, and we are committed to examining how privilege, specifically white privilege, harms and benefits our school and community. 

If you are a person of color, your perspective and lived experience is truly invaluable. We are committed to creating an environment where white fragility is not a barrier to other voices. We welcome all feedback at, and believe that all families are valuable contributors in this mission.

Additionally, the Board meets every 2nd Thursday of the month and the meetings are open to co-op members. We hope to see you there. Below is some information about directly relevant committees. Both will work in close partnership with the Board around becoming a more inclusive community for Black students and families. 

If you’ve never participated in or chaired a committee before we are here for you, and will make sure that you have all of the support that you need! Email if you are interested.