Fall 2021 Enrollment Information

We have a limited number of class spaces available. Applications are being accepted on a first come, first served basis. For more detailed information about our co-op and our enrollment and admission process, view our application online. 
You can apply using the button below. Please email our Enrollment Team with any questions about enrollment, scholarships, or our school!

Financial Scholarships

Our school welcomes scholarship applications from families who need financial assistance – we encourage you to apply! To apply for a scholarship, or for more information about our financial scholarships and how our scholarship program works, please download the financial scholarship application linked below, or email us at scholarships@rainiervalleycooppreschool.org.

Alternative Participation Model

Our Alternative Participation Model (APM), is a pilot program intended to increase accessibility to our cooperative preschool.

At RVCP, a typical family commitment involves both working in the classroom on a regular basis and holding a Parent Job to help run the school.* The APM program allows for a family to modify that commitment to double their classroom time and hold no parent job, or hold two parent jobs and have no classroom time. We hope this greater flexibility enables a wider range of families to attend and enjoy the benefits of co-op preschool. New and existing families are encouraged to download and read through the application to see if the program might be a good fit for your family.
*Participants in APM retain all the usual remaining agreements of the RVCP co-op model, including fundraising, cleaning shifts, and monthly parent meetings. Please see the general Enrollment Application for more details on the co-op model agreements.

Enrollment is not restricted, assigned, or adjusted according to race, religion, gender expression or gender identity, sexual preference, ethnicity, or national origin.