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What We Believe

RVCP offers a multi-age, social-emotional curriculum, with two teachers in the classroom, which enables us to meet the developmental needs of the children through authentic and meaningful relationships and activities. As children play and build relationships with each other and the grown-ups, they practice a variety of skills in which they experience both the role of expert and learner.

All decisions that we make as teachers start with the child at the center. Our image of the child is one who is complete, good, competent, powerful, creative, intelligent, inquisitive, enterprising, rooted in culture, empathic, cooperative, resilient and perseverant.

Our planning and reflections are built on the belief that children are exactly where they need to be and doing exactly what they need to be doing in this moment in time, and that they can accomplish what they are capable of doing, alone and with others.

Our work begins with the unconditional acceptance of our children exactly where they are.

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Enrollment is now open for the 2022-2023 school year. We’re excited to return to in-person learning inside our classroom, with extra outside time on our dedicated playground.

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Every contribution you make helps RVCP’s unique early childhood and parent education programs continue to operate, supporting current families and reaching new ones.

We are a community of learners creating a culture of care for one another and the world.