Sliding Scale Tuition

Rainier Valley Cooperative Preschool is piloting a sliding scale tuition model for the 2021-22 school year. This pilot will take effect in the Fall of 2021 and run for the duration of the 2021-22 school year. Our Board and Social Justice Committee will re-evaluate the pilot in December of 2021 to set tuition for the following school year. It is important to note that this will not affect our scholarship program, which will be used in tandem with the sliding scale pilot to give families facing economic challenges the support they need to be included in our school.

We believe this pilot program will put into action our school’s inclusivity and diversity goals. We recognize our school is located in an economically diverse neighborhood, and also acknowledge that Black and brown families face disproportionate economic oppression due to systemic and institutional racism. We believe that economic inequity should not keep the high-quality, social emotional curriculum our school provides out of reach for some families. Our Board, along with our Social Justice Committee, will continue to look for ways to update or bring new policies forth that will be steps to bringing our school into alignment with our anti-racist goals.

Families will be asked to self-select their tuition based on their corresponding income tier. Please note that the income tiers below are based on 2020 HUD numbers for Seattle and will change yearly depending on area median income (AMI). We will not ask for or collect any financial information from any families for the sliding scale tuition – all families will choose their tuition tier on the basis of trust and community. Scholarship applicants will still need to provide financial information with their application, because the scholarship committee decides on the amount each family receives based on the collective need of all applicants.

Please use the sliding scale tables below and the corresponding income tiers to determine your tuition amount.

Family size and annual income

TierHousehold IncomeFamily of 2Family of 3Family of 4Family of 5Family of 6
1Below 185% FPL$0-$31,894$0-$40,182$0-$48,470$0-$56,758$0-$65,046
2Less than 80% AMI$31,895-$76,200$40,183-$85,750$48,471-$95,250$56,759-$102,900$65,047-$110,500
380%-100% AMI$76,201-$95,250$85,751-$106,100$95,251-$116,950$102,901-$125,650$110,501-$134,350
4100%-120% AMI$95,251-$114,300$106,101-$119,100$116,951-132,100$125,651-$142,550$134,351-$153,000
5120%-200% AMI$114,301-$195,000$119,101-$217,200$132,101-$238,900$142,551-$256,300$153,001-$273,700
6200% AMI or more$195,001 or more$217,201 or more$238,901 or more$256,301 or more$273,701 or more

Sunflower2021-2022 Tuition
Tier 1$143
Tier 2$173
Tier 3$203
Tier 4$233
Tier 5$263
Tier 6$293

Caterpillar2021-2022 Tuition
Tier 1$215
Tier 2$245
Tier 3$275
Tier 4$305
Tier 5$335
Tier 6$365

Salmon2021-2022 Tuition
Tier 1$389
Tier 2$419
Tier 3$449
Tier 4$479
Tier 5$509
Tier 6$539

Dual Enrollment2021-2022 Tuition
Tier 1$639
Tier 2$669
Tier 3$699
Tier 4$729
Tier 5$759
Tier 6$789