The Co-op Experience

We believe when parents engage in their child’s learning, the experience is more rewarding for both child and parents. Our preschool is a parent-run co-op, and its success depends on everyone’s contributions. As part of the RVCP community, all families are required to:

  • Work in the classroom
  • Manage a parent job, and
  • Participate in fundraising events, among other things.

Please explore the tabs above for more information about parent participation.

Rewards of our process
  • Parent involvement promotes parent-child bonding, and creates confidence in kids and parents.
  • Our low child to adult ratios allow for an engaging and personal experience.
  • Our teachers help each child practice life skills to become adept social beings: problem solvers, friends, and members of community.
  • Our community is a wonderful way to foster friendships.
  • Our monthly parent meetings provide valuable current research and parenting techniques.
  • Our families are a supportive network committed to the success of each child.

Work in the Classroom

Each family must assist in the classroom on a regular basis. Generally, a parent works once per week for half-day classes, and one full day or two half days for families with full-day students. Full-day families also work out lunch coverage with other full-day families. Certain conditions (maternity leave, health issues, enrollment, etc.) may require families to work more.

Parent Jobs

Families are assigned a school job based on their interests, talents, and job availability. Parent jobs include positions such as Field Trip Coordinator, Treasurer, Maintenance, etc.

Download details

For full descriptions including detailed responsibilities, please read or download:


Board Positions:
  1. Co-Chairperson 1 *
  2. Co-Chairperson 2 *
  3. Secretary *
  4. Treasurer *
  5. Sunflower Class Parent Coordinator *
  6. Caterpillar Class Parent Coordinator *
  7. Salmon Class Parent Coordinator *
  8. Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Rep. *
  9. Teacher Liaison *
  10. Risk Management I *
  11. Enrollment I *
  12. Development Chair *
  13. Alumni Representative
  14. Board Member at Large

* Executive Board members

Standard Positions:
  1. Working Grown-up Scheduler
  2. Treasurer II – Tuition
  3. Parent Jobs & New Parent Orientation
  4. Enrollment II
  5. Webmaster & Office Support
  6. Supplies & Storeroom Manager
  7. Art Coordinator
  8. Cleaning Coordinator
  9. Maintenance Coordinator
  10. Playground & Landscape Coordinator
  11. Salmon Class Field Trip Coordinator
  12. Towels & Smocks Laundry 1
  13. Towels & Smocks Laundry 2
  14. Dev – Event Lead I
  15. Dev – Event Lead II
  16. Dev – PR Coordinator
  17. Dev – Social Events Coordinator
  18. Dev – Social Media & Online Giving
  19. Dev – Grant Writer
  • Dev = Development Team member

Fundraising Events

Fundraising is integral to our preschool’s operation. Throughout the year, we showcase the Fall Festival, the Movie Matinee, and a silent auction. Our fundraising efforts build a strong community and provide funds for the preschool’s maintenance and scholarships.

Social Events

We believe a strong community builds a better school. In class, we have a unique opportunity to connect with other co-op families on a daily basis. We also arrange social events like summer playdates and our annual picnic to strengthen our community.

School Operations

Parent Meetings

During our parent-only meetings, we discuss class activities, upcoming events, and preschool business, and our parent educator leads us in variety of early childhood development topics.

Other Responsibilities

We kick off the school year with Parent Orientation in September. Throughout the year, each family participates in a set-up shift at the start of the year, one monthly cleaning during the year, and a final maintenance and cleaning shift at the end of the year. Each is about a three hour time commitment.