At this time, to continue to comply with the current COVID-19 guidelines from the Washington DOH and KCPH, that recommend students do not mix between class groups, we have decided to pause on our Dual Enrollment options. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will reopen our mixed classes again when it is safe to do so.



There are several Dual Enrollment choices where students attend two classes fully. Very limited spaces are available. We offer:

  1.  Caterpillar + Salmon. Students attend 3 mornings and 4 afternoons a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 9:30am to 12:00pm and Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons from 12:30 to 3:30pm.
    Children must turn 3 by August 31 of the enrollment year, and may not turn 6 before June 1 of the enrollment year. Priority for ages 3.5 and up.
    Lunch: caregivers take turns with their cohort to supervise lunch in the classroom between morning and afternoon classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
  2. Sunflower add-on. If you are enrolled in either the Caterpillar or Salmon class, we also offer the option to add the Sunflower class to your RVCP schedule. The number of available Sunflower add-on spaces is limited. Caterpillar with Sunflower class add-on is the most popular option because of its schedule, with class each weekday morning. For Salmon with Sunflower class add-on, there is a break between classes on Tuesdays from 12:00-12:30pm, and caregivers should make a plan to be with their child during this time. Tuition for Sunflower add-on classes is the combined tuition of Sunflower and either the Caterpillar or Salmon class.


Dual Enrollment classes fully follow the parameters of the classes of which they are composed. Please see individual classes for information on times, prices, flow-of-the-day, and other details.

Age Group
3 - 5 years
Class Size
18 Children
$409 - $659 per month

The typical daily flow is:

  • Arrive | Muscle room play
  • Meeting | Sing, Reflect, Problem solve, Make a plan
  • Choice Time | Blocks, Drama, Sensory play, Easel, etc.
  • Clean Up | Each child is given a job
  • Snack | Family style
  • Outside | Breathe deeply, Run, Climb, Laugh, Dig
  • Lunch | Time to sit and share with other students in the Full Day program
  • Choice Time | Blocks, Drama, Sensory play, Easel, Snack
  • Meeting | Songs, Lessons, Examples
  • Play Partners | Each child is paired with a different partner. They make a plan and carry it through.
  • Clean Up | Each child works to restore the room. See it, clean it.
  • Play Outside! | Breathe deeply, Run, Climb, Laugh, Dig.
  • Good-Byes | Gather belongings, Sing the Goodbye Song.

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