Full Day (3 – 5 years)

BubbieWe offer a 3-Full Day option that meets on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and a 3.5-Full Day option that meets all day Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and in the afternoon on Tuesday.

We also offer a 1-Full Day option to students enrolled in the Caterpillar or Salmon class which meets on Tuesdays.

All Full Day classes are held from 9:30am – 3:30pm. Priority for all Full Day options is given to students age 4 and older. Please note, parents are also responsible for covering lunch shifts as scheduled.

Tuition is $488 a month for 3 Full Day students, and $575 monthly for 3.5-Full Day students. One (1) Full Day monthly tuition increases to $242, $383 and $428 with enrollment in the Sunflower, Caterpillar, or Salmon class, respectively.

Flow of the Day for Full Day Students

  • Arrive | Muscle Room Play
  • Meeting | Sing, Reflect, Problem Solve, Make a plan
  • Choice Time | Blocks, drama, sensory play, easel, art, etc
  • Clean Up | Each child has a first and second job
  • Snack | “family” style
  • Outside | Breathe deeply, run, climb, laugh, dig.
  • Lunch | Time to sit and share with other students in the full day program
  • Outside | Run, climb, laugh, and dig.
  • Choice Time | Blocks, drama, sensory play, easel, art, etc
  • Play Partners | Each child has a play partner to work with – make a plan, and carry it through.
  • Clean Up | Each child works to restore the room. See it, clean it!
  • Snack | “family” style
  • Good-Byes | Final books and songs and say good-bye

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