About Our School

Our Vision Statement

We are a community of learners creating a culture of care for one another and the world.

Our Mission
1. We are a cooperative preschool where adults and children are equal and active participants in learning.

  • We value play as the “work” of early childhood education.
  • Weekly lessons are based on the children’s emerging skills and interests.
  • Caregivers have monthly meetings with a parent educator to discuss current child development, topics, and research.
  • In daily school interactions, the teacher demonstrates concrete, developmentally appropriate methods of working with children.

2. We support adults and children to feel safe in being themselves as they learn and grow.

  • Adults and children are allowed to represent truthfully their own feelings and current experience without judgment.

Membership in our co-op preschool is not restricted according to race, religion, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity or national origin.

More about the co-op experience.

Our Board

For questions, please contact our board members directly.

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