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Our school needs your help to keep our school accessible to all families while retaining high quality teachers. Your tax deductible donation today will be used to support our scholarship fund and keep our tuition affordable:

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Welcome to Rainier Valley Cooperative Preschool!

Welcome to the Rainier Valley Cooperative Preschool learning community; we hope to have the opportunity to get to know both your child and your family.

We believe that preschool is a place where the children get to be who they are and where they are, and receive support and encouragement to continue on their path of becoming themselves. It is our hope that our families and teachers will create, together, an environment that will foster compassion, self-awareness and community. Above all, it is our goal to meet your child where s/he is and work with his or her interests and ideas to facilitate a class that is engaging, exciting and welcoming for all the students.

Rainier Valley Cooperative Preschool
1720 S Forest St,
Seattle, WA 98144

Phone: 206.723.1555
Email: rvcpnews [AT] gmail [DOT] com